Hoops of Hope December 1

I've mentioned it before, but since December 1st is about 5 weeks away, I figure it would be a great time for another shout out.

Hoops of Hope was started by Austin Gutwein when he was 10 years old. Austin is the son of one of my best buddies, Dan. Austin is now in 8th grade and Hoops of Hope is stronger than ever with several thousand students participating each year.

In a Nutshell:

- Hoops of Hope raises money for kids who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Specifically children in Africa.

- Your youth group kids get sponsored by friends and family to shoot 1,000 free throws on Saturday, December 1st (World Aids Day). If two kids are rotating at a hoop and taking turns shagging for each other it's about a 4 hour event.

- All you have to do is secure a local gymnasium or school yard or pull together a few portable baskets.

- 100% of the money goes directly to help kids. Last year, Hoops of Hope was able to build a school in Africa!

If you're interested. visit their website. They do all the work for you...they'll set up a web page for each of your students so their sponsors can donate online. I've never seen an easier way to get junior highers involved in something that makes a difference.

The picture above was taken last week. World Vision took Austin and his dad to Zambia. The people in this region had never even SEEN a basketball. Austin (in the middle of the crowd in orange shirt)took the first-ever free throw and shared what he hopes his efforts will help accomplish. AMAZING.


Jeff said...

That looks amazing. Wondering to myself if I have enough time to put something together by the 1st.

Diana said...

That's awesome! My husband and I got to go to Senegal to run a basketball camp for 400 students who had never held a basketball before. It's a great way to reach out and connect the youth in the community with the few local Christians.