Random Ramblings...

- The air is clear today. Even though much cleaning up and rebuilding of homes and lives remains, it is wonderful to have clean air and a cool breeze.

- Despite a devastating O.T. loss last night, the Broncos are still better than the Rams and Dolphins!

- After a crazy busy month, this week is somewhat slow.

- This weekend we have our first-ever small group Fall retreat. It's a 24 hour relationship-building extravaganza that should be really fun.

- Hilarious, but subtle, line from The Office: The tag line at the end of Michael's commercial: "Endless paper in a paperless society."

- I've decided Don Cheadle may be my favorite actor. It seems like he's fantastic in every role he plays.

-Just spent much of the weekend teaching about Moses. What a life he led.

- The newest onslaught of spam in my inbox is trying to sell me exotic watches. I don't get it.


Chris S. said...

Two things:
-Michael's Commercial was pure marketing genius:-)

-Why wouldn't you want to buy an exotic watch from somebody you have never heard of?

Christian said...

At least they aren't trying to sell you Erotic Watches. Count your blessings.

Jason said...

Wow...what a pass by the legend Favre in overtime. The Packs beat the Broncos like I beat you in Ping Pong at Spring Hill. It was mighty close.

And as a Bears fan and I was definitely rooting for the Broncos.

It was great seeing you guys at YS...I've been listening to Scott's session with JH guys...great stuff.