I see quite a few movies. I typically sneak out to a late-night showing after the family is in bed and join a couple of buddies. Yesterday my friend Eric Venable called me and said he thinks I should add a regular movie review to my blog. I like movies, but I'm really not a reviewer. I watch them for entertainment not through a critical eye, a theological lens etc.

But I thought his idea was sorta fun so here's what I'll do....every now and then I'll share the three most recent movies I've seen and give a simple 'Thumbs Up', 'Thumbs Down' or 'Sideways Thumbs' review.

I'm not a fan of any particular genre of movie, and I have no real ability to identify why I like some movies and don't like others....therefore my reviews will probably be somewhat inconsistent.

Hit Man (Rated R). Best Scene: nothing sticks out.
Review: Thumbs Down

Dan in Real Life (Rated PG13). Best Line: "You are a murderer of love!"
Review: Thumbs Up

Enchanted (Rated PG) Best Scene: The opening scene making fun of Disney's own formula.
Review: Thumbs Up

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Kurt, if you have a few moments-would you mind answering these questions? Thanks in advance.