Checkered Flag...UPDATE

Today is our Student Ministries team Christmas party. We are heading out to Moreno Valley (out towards the desert...) to race go-karts on a mile-long outdoor track. The Karts are supposed to reach speeds of 60 miles an hour which should be a ton of fun. They let you practice for a while and then set up actual races. We're a pretty competitive bunch so it should be interesting to see it all unfold!

UPDATE: It's now 7:35 and I just walked through my front door. In a word: AMAZING. a few highlights.
- The track was unbelievable...the largest go kart track in the U.S. at one mile.
- Top speed was 70 MPH which felt like about 120 in the low-riding carts.
- There were times when I definitely felt like my life was in danger.
- Despite a 45 minute orientation preparing us, I completely spun out in my very first turn because I couldn't gauge the speed.
- We did have one unfortunate injury in our "main event" race which resulted in one of our interns going to the emergency room for 10 stitches to the knee.


Phillip McCart said...

So next year if you need a speaker or something...you know...if you need it...like around your Christmas party time...I might, you know, be available. "I'm an excellent driver."

joshpease said...

You forgot to mention my and Brian's major award ...

... stupid Baker stealing my glory.