Random Randomness

- Just picked up the book, 'Trust' and am looking forward to it. It's not a new book, but the title caught my attention.

- I really hope the Patriots don't go undefeated...how awesome would it be if the Dolphins were the ones to beat 'em!

- Have you heard of Stuck In The Middle? Check it out...neat ministry for middle schoolers.

- Group Publishing has turned some of the columns I've written for GROUP Magazine into a junior high ministry book due out in February. The best part is that Scott Rubin, the jr. high guy at Willow and a great friend, added his commentary to every page.

- My office has very little storage space and a whole lot of stuff that needs to be stored...not a good combination right now!

- Been spending a lot of time playing Tiger Woods '08 on Xbox after the family is in bed. My computer golf game is no better than my real golf game.

- Saved and saved and saved and saved, and just bought a 2005 Honda TRX 250 for my wife and daughter to share. It looks exactly like this one.

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Matthew McNutt said...

Gonna have to randomly disagree with you on the Patriots ... it would be awesome if they never lost again ... mostly 'cause here in New England it guarantees great turnout to my football related parties! : )