A quick review of three movies I've recently seen:

I Am Legend (Rated PG13).
Quick Thought: Pretty much the usual Wil Smith fare
Best Scene: The line of light slowly disappearing while the dogs wait to attack.
Review: Thumbs Up

Walk Hard (Rated R).
Quick Thought: I can confidently say it's the worst movie I've ever seen.
Best Scene: None. I'm embarrassed by the fact that I didn't walk out!
Review: Thumbs Down

No Country For Old Men (Rated R)
Quick Thought: Great story told much too slowly. Terrible ending.
Best Scene: Every Tommy Lee Jones scene
Review: Sideways thumb


MikePHenry said...

Be sure not to miss Juno! It was hilariously fantastic! Also, if you haven't seen Sunshine, go rent it immediately, exciting sci-fi fare.

By the way, any chances of a Junior High gathering at the Shift conference in April?

Ken said...

You can only say that Walk Hard was the worst movie because you didn't go see Superbad. (hangs head in shame).

And you didn't go with Sean.

rhonda said...

I'd be interested on your take of Sweeny Todd. ;-)

Scott said...

I Am Legend was TERRIFIC.