Planning Retreat

As we do at this time each year, our junior high team is heading out for an overnight Summer planning retreat. We'll spend our time talking PDYM strategy and tweaking job descriptions, planning our Summer events and brainstorming teaching topics based around our Summer theme which is Full Service Summer (sorta a retro gas station/garage look).

We'll get a lot of work done, but the highlight is simply the fact that we can get away as a team to hang out.


Luke said...

Gas station theme?

This might be useful, is a 2008 vbs curriculum with some sort of gas station theme. Custom Garage


luke said...


Jim Smith said...

Yeah, Custom Garage curriculum has some samples, (scripture and lesson topics by day) available at wordaction.com

Kurt Johnston said...

Thanks Guys!

Matthew said...

would you mind elaborating on how you get your volunteers to come to the retreat. I am trying to get my youth staff to come to one in April. I would like to know if you have any tools that I could use to think about our youth ministry constructively. THanks