Wanna Write A Story?

I've already asked a few of my friends for their contributions, but wanted to toss an invite to

Here's the deal....

Standard Publishing is updating/revising/re-distributing Controlled Chaos, a junior high ministry book I wrote about 8 years ago, and one thing we wanted to add was a 'Stories From The Trenches' feature. The hope is to get about 8-10 junior high pastors to write a 400-500 word true-life junior high ministry story. It can be funny, serious or ????. At the end you would just need to write a little practical application or 'takeaway'. Unfortunately I can't pay you for this, but I'd love to give you the chance to contribute if you'd like.

Length: 400-500 words
Deadline: February 15th
Send to: Kurt@saddleback.net include your name and name of your church.

You won't get your story back, and there is only room for about 10 stories. You won't get paid, but you will get your story published in a book which is kinda cool!


erik w/a "k" said...

so i just sent a story to group that could be really cool. is that "legal" to use in a book too?

basically a story about a mistake i made with an outreach event for our jr. high ministry and the cool stuff that came out of it.

Kurt Johnston said...

If you sent it to them to be published in Group Mag or any publication, then I couldn't use it. I'm sure Group expects that they are the only ones publishing the story.

Come on...you gotta have more than one story! :)

Carolyn said...

Will you send free books to those whose stories get published?