15 long hours

Every 6 weeks or so, I am the official overnight M.O.D.(Minister of the day). Tonight is my night. From 5:30 p.m until 8:30 a.m I am the pastor who will respond to any emergency calls placed at our church office. I'm sure many of you have similar responsibilities, so I'm really not trying to whine. But of pastoral roles we play, the role of crisis intervention is the one I'm least comfortable playing. This is only my second time on duty since we started this new rotation (believe it or not, until recently the same pastor was on call EVERY night!) and the first time around I didn't have any calls!
I'm praying that the people who call our church their home will have a peaceful, crisis-free night!


rhonda said...

J O H N is pretty good at that kind of stuff... get his advice, words of wisdom, etc

chad said...

We have it for a week every 11 weeks and last week was my turn. We all keep a journal and pass it along with the phone to the next person. There is crisis information in the front of the journal. I always resent having it in the flesh but then I get some calls that remind me how retarded I am and selfish.

Eric Wakeling said...

We have our pastoral emergency phone for a week too about two or three times a year. It's always a little stressful. I have had whole weeks where no one calls and then others where I deal with crazy stuff. It only has to be on from 5pm-8am. All night I wonder if it will go off. We have an awesome pastor of care on staff that gives great advice for issues that I have no idea how to deal with. Have fun with your phone!!