Group Conference Days 2&3

Wow, it's been hectic and really, really fun. Yesterday we started day one of a two-day middle school ministry track and haven't slowed down since. About 120 fellow middle school workers holed up together to learn a little and to laugh a lot.

At large events like this one, you always expect great music, fantastic speakers, and all that good stuff. But what seems to have set my experience this year apart from so many others is the number of deep conversations I've had with people...conversations that have led me to really think about ministry and life.

In our session today we talked a little bit about having a purpose statement or vision statement but somehow failed to bring a sample so I promised I'd post ours here on the blog:

"Our Ministry exists to REACH non-believing students, to CONNECT them with other Christians, to challenge them to GROW in their faith, and to encourage the growing to DISCOVER their ministry and HONOR God with their lives."

It's been a great weekend, but I'm ready to head home!

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