A Little Nervous

Tonight I'm teaching a short parenting workshop at my kid's school and I'm super nervous about it. I really don't like putting myself in the position of "expert" of any kind, so I'm hoping to present in a way that communicates that I'm just a struggling parent myself! I'm trying to create a series of "pictures of parenting" that I'll work through. I'll update tomorrow with an honest report of how things go tonight.


Mark E. Eades said...

Praying for you.

Paul Baldwin said...

Hey Kurt. I struggle with this idea all of the time. Although I've been working with teenagers for 16 years, I've only been a parent of teenagers (2 currently, and 2 more on their way) for 2 years. What a huge difference and frankly, I'm scared out of my mind!
My strategy? "I'm figuring this out right along with you guys and have found some amazing resources. Here they are." This usually gets a good response, and more importantly, healthy engagement towards fantastic conversation which usually breeds better ideas than what I came to the table with originally. I LOVE the ministry of the Holy Spirit! Paul Baldwin