Weekend Wrap Up


1st...it was week #1 of our new series, "Bad Girls". Each week we will focus on a bad girl from the bible, and a different woman from our team will teach. This week the bad girl was Jezebel. We've taught this series once before several years ago and it was a big hit so I'm excited to repeat it. Plus, I get a little teaching break!

2nd...most of us weren't there this weekend because it was our annual volunteer leadership retreat. Each year we invite all our junior high volunteers plus their spouses down to San Diego for an over-nighter. We hang out, eat good food, play games, have worship, share communion and pray for one another. There is no training and no tight schedule. It's basically our way of saying thank you to the team for their ministry. We charge $25 per person and our ministry picks up the rest of the tab. We typically only have about 1/3 of our team attend so it's a little smaller and way more relational than a typical staff meeting or gathering. The best part may be the fact that almost every year we end up having a spouse of a volunteer join our team because he/she had so much fun on the retreat.


neely mcqueen said...

that's really cool that you are doing a whole series on girls in the bible...

Anonymous said...

I have been to the event on march 8th 2008, at the family arena in St Charles mo, and I'm very upset by some of Kurt's comment , he say' d " I HATE Chihuahuas' does dogs were also an creation from god so how dare you say you HATE GOD'S CREATION.Than the biggest hit was were he say' d he want every on from the arena to go to Haven next Year to have a 08 party reunion what do you mean? you want very one to kill they self in clouding you? shame on you!! I hope, not one of this kid's at the arena today going to get hurt or god forbid get killed and if so you will take the blame because you are the one who want to see them in Haven