Confident, But About What?

A group from our student ministries team recently set a little time aside to pick one of the four gospels and from that gospel, read only the words of Christ. We then spent some time discussing what popped out.

I read Christ's words from the gospel of Mark. What I couldn't shake was the level of confidence and authority with which Jesus spoke. He knew what he was saying was true, and boldly proclaimed it. He upset people, he confused people, sometimes he explained what he meant and sometimes he didn't. But he was always confident when speaking what he knew to be true.

After spending some time reflecting on this, I came to the conclusion that I probably need to be more confident when speaking God's truths and less confident when speaking my own.

It seems much more popular in ministry/theology discussions today to get fired up and make declarations about a whole bunch of stuff we think we know (by the way, much of theology is just stuff we think we know)than to stand firm on the stuff we know for certain based on God's word.

Not sure where I'm heading with these thoughts....but I've been pondering them.

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