Full Service Summer

Our Summer Theme this year is "Full Service Summer". This morning we went to a local gas station to take a bunch of pictures for our Summer Calendar that is due to go to print in about a week. We've always had a 'theme' for the Summer, but it wasn't until a few years ago that we actually started creating 10-weeks worth of lessons around it. In recent years our themes have been:

10 weeks on what it would look like if you actually put the fruit of the spirit in motion in your life

10 weeks using a different famous land mark such as great wall of china, mt. everest etc. as backdrop for an object lesson.

10 weeks of character traits such as honesty, loyalty etc.

For "Full Service Summer" we are hoping to use a different car part each week as an object lesson. It was a great idea at the time, but now I'm struggling. Anybody have any creative ideas for me?

Let's do this....post an idea to help me out, then post any Summer-related topic you could use help on. Camp ideas, activity ideas, promotion weekend ideas....you name it. We can all chime in.


Joshua S. Blair said...

Steering Wheel - STEER STRAIGHT.
A. Steering determines success and safety.
B. When driving, important not to swerve.
C. The way to heaven is narrow.
Matthew 7:13
2. Devil lures us- must say no.
3. Luke 9:62
- God instructs us not to turn- Joshua 1:7

Clutch - DON’T SLIP CLUTCH. [esp. on ice!]
A. Clutch connects motor to drive wheels.
B. Hebrews 2:1
C. Deut. 4:9
- Slipping clutch gradual- spiritual slipping gradual.

A. Car battery must be continually charged.
B. If alternator goes out- in a short time you’ll have trouble.
C. Our spiritual batteries must be continually re-charged.
1. Isaiah 40:30-31
2. 2 Cor. 4:16
3. Col. 3:10
4. Psalm 51:10

A. The most beautiful and powerful car in the world is helpless without fuel.
B. We must have spiritual strength to do great things.
C. Samson was strong because of fuel from God- Judges 16:20
D. Paul’s fuel was Christ- Phil. 4:13
1. 1 Tim. 1:12
2. 2 Cor. 9:8

A. A horn is of value- unless it’s abused.
B. Some boast of themselves.
1. (Matthew 6) – a lesson on how not to pray for show – like the hypocritical Pharisees
2. Matthew 23:5
Everything they do is done for men to see: They make their phylacteries[a] wide and the tassels on their garments long;

A. Get tired of laws when driving, but for our good.
B. Auto laws should be obeyed- Rom. 13:1.
C. STOP does not stand for "Slightly-Tap-On-Pedal."
1. Ezra 7:26
2. Tit. 3:1 1
3. (Matthew 22:21)
4. (1 Peter 2:13-14)

We are to be examples even when feeling inclement…the world is watching!

A. Car is a dangerous machine without brakes.
B. Proper brakes help you avoid accidents.
C. Christians must have self-control.
1. Acts 24:25
2. 2 Peter 1:5-6
3. Proverbs 16:32

A. Have you ever tried to guess the way?
Prov. 14:12 "
C. Must do the will of the Lord.
3. Examples:
a) Gen. 6:22
b) Gen 22:2-3.
c) Josh. 11:15.


1. Non Perishable Food--Scripture
Have some things on hand to sustain you through. Memorized Scriptures can help more than anything. Just a phrase of Scripture can be a great comfort to us.
2. Extra Blankets and Warm Clothing--Fellowship
During a "winter" some people forget about attending church and fellowshipping with other Christians. How much more it is needed when trials come into our lives. Having fellowship with other believers strengthens us. We need their love, support, and prayers. It becomes a real warmth to us. (not sure this applies in sunny Cali)
3. Drinking Water--Christ the Living Water
Bottled water in a emergency is a must. We need it to survive just like we need the Living Water. We need Christ and His Word to live. Relying on Him will keep us from a parched existence. Drink in His love, His promises, His blessings, and His strength.

Matthew 24:12
Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold
Bad-Attitudes are like over heating they cause use to burn our relationships.
We need to pay careful attention to our attitudes so we don’t over heat.

Our spiritual lives ought to act as anti-freeze in our lives and the lives of others who we interact with.

Kurt Johnston said...

wow! You wanna come work on my team?

John the Red Wonder said...

First thing that came to my mind was GAS. (insert joke here) But I would use gas with John 14-vine and the branches. Fuel for our life has to come from an outside source. Running on fumes, how long can you last? And it's cheaper than $4 a gallon... lots of ways to go with that.

CAR OIL: Go with the story about mana from Exodus. God's word, provision, or anything from God, keeps our lives running smoothly. But it must be renewed. Also, can go with the idea of an oil leak. What could cause an oil leak--sin, distractions...

that's all i've got. i'm amazed at how creative joshua was! You should send him some free stuff or get him to write from Group or something! :)

eric said...

How about a muffler... to quiet us and keep us from gossip.

eric said...

forgot to leave a need for me... I need some prayer for problems I am having with my son. I need wisdom to understand the best way to help him connect with God again. He is 17 and struggling.

Matt Evans said...

Wow! Joshua up there has been thinking about this. Awesome!

How about an OIL CHANGE - getting the junk out of your life and putting new life in.

I could definitely use some help. I'm trying to put together a youth ministry program at the newer campus of our church. Problems - about 10-15 youth each week (not bad I think); we meet in a school and the church already uses every square inch of it for nursery-6th grade. Ideas? Thoughts? Comment?


rob's thoughtful spot said...

what about checking your gauges?
spiritual gauge, emotional, relational, physical.

also, the bible is like our GPS- (a lot of my students' parents drive SUVs with GPS systems in them) it helps us choose the right path. headlights would work for this too- God's word is a light for our paths.

the windshield wipers wipe away the gunk so that we can see clearly and avoid disaster. our personal choices about the media that we consume can be like a windshield wiper for our hearts.

good idea kurt! you guys are so creative-

Diana said...

The first thing that popped in my mind was the steering wheel and letting God steer instead of taking control ourselves (or trying to).

The second thing I thought of really works better for HS maybe since they're in driver's ed, but it's the brake that the instructor has on the passenger side. Sometimes we don't see what's coming and don't understand why our plans get slammed to a stop.

The last thing was the trunk, what kind of baggage are you carrying, is your trunk full of junk (I know there are too many puns in that!) or does it have things that are useful and beneficial.

My husband and I can use lots of prayer. Our internship with the Youth Ministry ends in September, and in January we will start a Life Hurts, God Heals program in our church. In fact, we're coming to Saddleback for the CR summit in August and hope to learn a lot!

Jason said...

radio - what are you listening to? what are you letting in?

exhaust - what is coming out of you?

tires - how are you staying connected?

seatbelt - what's keeping you safe?

dent/scratch - what's your story?

brake - slowing down to focus on God.

mirrors - how to keep yourself from crashing.

i also like the ideas presented earlier about the guauges, the battery, fuel, and gps.

Anonymous said...

it's actually not to difficult to get a stripped car from a junk yard to have on stage at all times during your series. Our youth room is titled the Filling Station, and we were able to get a parted out car, stripped of all major parts, and placed in the youth room for less than $350. Pretty sweet effect. Possibly something to pursue as a prop.

Joshua S. Blair said...

Kurt - I did a talk based on that info (automotive theme - we called it "winterize your life") almost two years ago.


P.S. I'd love to work with you.

Kurt Johnston said...

Eric, Just wanted you to know that I prayed for your son this morning.

Matt, we are in a similar situation...still trying to figure it out and not sure we have much to share! Please let us know what you learn.

Diana, Good for you for leadig Life Hurts/God Heals! We held our graduation last night and it was our biggest one ever. I think you'll be suprised at the work God will do in the lives of those students who come to your program. I will pray for you and your husband

Brad said...

There is a chapter in Future Grace (I think it is chapter 3, maybe 4) where Piper makes an analogy using windshield wipers and washer fluid to help us see where we are going. I think he compares it to faith and the HS, but I don't remember all of the details.

I also think that the alternator is important to charge your battery. I don't think anyone has mentioned that yet.

You could do a week (maybe towards the end) on all of the things that cars have that really aren't all that necessary to its performance. This list would include the sterio, graphics/special paint, ground effects, heated seats, fuzzy dice etc. that are nice to have, but at times can serve as distractions.

Lastly, different types of cars best function in specific envrionmts. Some are good for racing under perfect conditions, but are terrible off road or on gas. Some are economical. Some are best for offroad, others luxury, easy parking, most space etc.

Hope you get it all worked out. Let us know what you finally end up deciding on.

Jason Fullen said...

Hey Kurt,

What about the car's warning buzzer, indicating that you are forgetting something.

Maybe this is like the Holy Spirit reminding us that we are forgetting something and if we don't heed the warning there will be consequences. I figure you could take a picture of the little switch that is in the door frame as the object.

Just a thought.

Stephen Perry said...

Oil: What needs to CHANGE in your life.

Simple, yet so much you can do with that. I miss you my friend!

brian pickerel said...

we are trying to do something around the theme "Survival Summer"
But not sold on that theme name. Any suggestions?

Kurt Johnston said...

Brian, a while back we did a series called "Survial Kit" and taught on key life-skills, spiritual disciplines etc. that you need in your "kit" in order to suvive as a young teen.
I think we covered Prayer, God's word, wise choices etc.