Weekend Wrap Up

Lesson Topic: Week Two of our Series 'Strange But True' (Jacob wrestling the Angel
Attendance: Average
'Fun Factor': Above Average
Volunteer Involvement: Above Average
Music: Above Average
Lesson Quality: Below Average
Length of Lesson: 21 mins
Student Response: Average

Another interesting weekend! I'm beginning to think the "Strange But True" stories we picked were the wrong ones...we are having a real tough time turning them into Jr. High-friendly lessons with good application steps. If my only concern was giving out information, then these stories are amazing and great to tell, but I want all of my lessons to have some "handles" for my students. It's creating the handles each week that has been tough in this series.

On Sunday, one of our key volunteers taught the lesson (he has to teach X number of times for a seminary class he's taking)so it gave me the freedom to check out our newly opened Irvine Regional campus (Irvine is a community about 15 minutes North of our Lake Forest campus). Our youth programs don't kick off in Irvine until May but our Irvine youth Pastor is hard at work getting stuff ready to roll. It was really fun to see the energy around the new campus.

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever share your series curriculum with other church's? we are a small United Methodist Church in Virginia and I would like to start doing series like your church does but not sure how to get started.