Monday Miscellaneous on Tuesday

I realize it's Tuesday, but figured I'd go ahead with my new Monday Miscellaneous tradition:

- Didn't post yesterday because, frankly, I forgot. I got up fairly early to head out to an all day golf tournament for my kid's school. A friend of mine owns the insurance company that insures the school so he always buys a foursome for the otherwise way-too-costly-for-me event. We had a great time. He also bought us each 10 raffle tickets for some pretty cool prizes which, of course, I didn't win.

- The weekend in Junior High was an interesting one. Really good in some areas and not so good in others...very much a roller coaster of sorts. Music was probably the best in a long time. One of our games was great and the other really struggled (even though it was a great, creative idea...). In fact it struggled so much that we tweaked it for the second service and then totally eliminated it from the third. Our new series "Simmer Down...three emotions that will get you into hot water" seems like it will be pretty fun. This week the topic was Anger; and more specifically how to deal with dangerous anger.

- Our Student ministry program at our new regional campus in Irvine kicks off this Sunday. Leo, our youth pastor at that campus, has been working like crazy recruiting volunteer leaders, setting up the youth room etc. I'm excited to see what God is going to do at the new campus.

- Our junior high and high school departments are in a little bit of controversy because we have decided to post-pone all of our missions trips to Mexico for the next 6 months due to the increased danger. Mexico always has certain risks, and many feel like nothing much has changed other than media attention but our missions department feels like violence has increased enough to warrant not taking students. Some families are are thanking us for our cautious approach and others are frustrated by it.

- Incredible progress is being made on our new student facility, The Refinery. All signs still point to a June 21st grand opening which happens to be promotion weekend so we are getting really close! The building is amazing.

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Matt Evans said...

Awesome! It's always fun opening up a new youth building.