New Bible For Students!

For years and years and years, the bible we have recommended and sold to our junior highers has been the Life Application for Teens. And for the last couple of years I've felt like it may be time to make a switch, but I love the Life Application so much that I just haven't been able to find something that I like enough to warrant replacing my old friend.

Part of my struggle has been that so many Bibles for teens are just plain dorky, and not something I get excited about selling to my students. That's always been part of the allure of the Life Application for Teens; it's simple, classic, and great for teenagers.

Today at the Large Church Youth Ministry Summit at Group Publishing, they put something in our hands that has me questioning my loyalty to the Life Application Bible. The LIVE Bible (not sure I love the name. Is it live as in "Wow, this bible makes me feel like I'm listening to Jesus' voice live and in person." or is it live as in "Wow, this bible really helps me live like Jesus."?) is fresh, trendy looking, edgy, but not dorky and full of really neat features such as artwork contributed by students, stickers to customize the cover, great insights etc. And best of all, it seems really junior high friendly.

My hunch is that after almost a decade of faithful service to our students, I will be trading in the Life Application Bible for The Live Bible....if I can figure out how to pronounce the name!


+ + + + + + + + said...

Maybe that's part of the publisher's allure. first you read it and listen to jesus as if you are hearing it live, then you begin to live out what it says!

Chris S. said...

Hey, I pre-ordered a few of these and I got them in last week. They really do look good! I especially like the open spaces that are in there for kids that don't necessarily like to write but will draw.

kingsley said...

i find that after years of having a particular bible that you grow to become fond of - the lingo, layout, and whatever else it brings, its hard breaking away. you may break away for a time but you tend to go back to that which you know. hope this transition sticks. it can become refreshing. it was for me when i switched to the New Living Translation a few years back. the teens may want to read something different and new - live.

gavin richardson said...

i received a comp copy a few weeks back. it's very slick. like the graphics, glad it isn't in devotional mode where you cannot follow the normal framing the organization. i've been so busy i haven't checked into bulk order prices.