Monday Miscellaneous

- This weekend was week #5 of our 'Full Service Summer' series. Overall, it was a great weekend. Bethany, a member of our JH team taught a great lesson on how to put the brakes on temptation. It was the first weekend of the Summer that attendance was fairly low.

- Wasted most of the evening last night watching the Deadliest Catch marathon.

- Kayla is at Disneyland, and Cole is at a buddy's house so Rachel and I spent some time on a 'date' shopping for sales on riding gear. Bought two new helmets and a jersey.

- Tomorrow we say goodbye to Allison Hibbard. Allison grew up in our junior high ministry, served as an intern for two years after college and has spent the last 5 years as a member of our full-time team. She's moving to Kenya for six months. Not sure what our ministry will be like without her.

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double-OH!-seven said...

i am going to miss her so much!

-chase p