Monday Miscellaneous

- We had a GREAT weekend in our junior high ministry. The lesson felt good (Car Battery..."How To Re-charge When You Feel Drained"), the games were fun, music was great and our live "bit" that we've been doing each week during the lesson was one of the strongest yet. But, perhaps the highlight of the week was that we finally had some acoustics installed in the ceiling of our room which made the sound much, much, much better. I was amazed at how much more attentive and involved the crowd was, which is logical since they could actually hear what was being said from stage!

- We're up at camp right now. The first night was great and day two seems to be off to a good start. Tons of kids who are new to our church and youth group. This is our 11th year at Thousand Pines and I'm still convinced it's the best camp experience for our group.

- News you've probably already heard: Youth Specialties has joined forces with Mark Matlock and Wisdom Works. Two really, really great organizations that, together, will do make a great team as they look for ways to minister directly to kids. Good stuff.

- One of my weird, quirky, favorite things about heading up to Thousand Pines is the library of old ministry-related books in the house I stay at. I stumbled across one today written 25 years ago. The topic: How the 'battle' between the fundamentalists and the more liberal theology is poised to rip apart evangelicalism as we know it. The back cover suggests this book offers a practical reminder about what evangelicals should, and shouldn't cling to. Not sure I'll read the whole thing, but it sure seems like it may have been more prophetic than people probably realized back in '83.

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Erika Thomas said...

Have a great week at camp Kurt. Let's do lunch soon!