Random Randomness

- This week is flying buy! I've been gone since Tuesday morning on our annual "Burly" trip for JH guys. We limit the trip to 50 students and try to beef up on leaders so the event feels highly relational.

- Last weekend was week 3 of our "Full Service Summer" series. The object lesson was on the Exhaust Pipe. Application: Our outside actions, attitudes and words are closely related to what's going on "under our hood".

- Saw Hancock with a couple buddies on Saturday night. Above average but not great. The best part of Hancock (and, in my opinion often the best part of most movies he's in) was Jason Bateman. He has slowly become my favorite actor.

- I often say that junior high ministry is more about "long term fruit" than what you see in the moment. A recent example for us is Kathryn. Kathryn was in our ministry about 10 years ago. She went away to college, struggled in her faith for a bit and has returned this summer as a volunteer in our ministry. Her faith is strong and her servant's heart is amazing. She points to her junior high years in our ministry as key to her life experience. A great reminder of importance of young teen ministry.

- On Monday night our family went to the beach. It was the first time I've surfed in several months and I am still sore! It's amazing how quickly one gets out of 'surf shape'. The highlight of the night was watching Kayla and Cole paddle into their own waves.

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Jim Ellis said...

hey kurt... you ever watch the tv show arrested development?

it is my favorite tv show (i like it more than the office).

Jason Bateman is one of the main actors in the show.