Random Randomness

Things that I have spent anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes thinking about today:

- Internships: What makes them a win/win (a win for intern and the ministry)?
- Internships: Do they have to be two years long to be effective?
- Olympics: Crazy how a communist country ripe with human rights violations can look so appealing on television and under a certain spotlight.
- Starbucks: Why am I here instead of Peete's?
- Communicating to teenagers: Is it as important part of a youth ministry program as we think it is?
- Youth Pastors: What are the top 3 or 4 qualities of a truly effective one...one that can be successful in any size church and setting?
- Student Leadership programs: Ugg! So important, but are they really? Do they ever accomplish what we hope they will?
- Coffee: Why does it result in such bad breath?
- Public restrooms: Even though they all have that little chart that shows who cleaned it and how often...they are usually nasty.
- Leadership: So many books, and 'irrefutable laws', but certainly there are a handful of non-negotiables?


Dan said...

Great Questions.

My question: How important is formal advertising? When was the last time I saw a Starbucks ad yet they are still successful?

Josh said...

Personally, student leaderships are great for some stuff. However, I think that having a smaller, more personalized group might work better for some goals.


Diana said...

My husband and I were at the CR summit this past week (for LHGH). The refinery is amazing! I could speak a lot into making an internship win/win. We are in the final month of our internship, and God's taught us very different things than we wanted to learn. If you'd like to hear more from an intern's perspective, feel free to e-mail me DancingDianasaur@gmail.com