A Hidden Jewel?

I was browsing through a used books store the other day and stumbled upon Suddenly They're 13, a book for parents of young teens. It's about 10-years old but at first glance seems to have some very practical tips. It could be full of nuggets to pass on to the parents of your students.


jeremyzach said...

can i ask what used bookstore?

i am having a hard time finding good used bookstores in OC.

Kurt Johnston said...

This bookstore was called Books Etc. and it is located on Lake Forest Blv. just west of the 5 Freeway in the little strip mall.

There is also another one (don't know it's name) in the old strip mall on the corner of Los Olisos and Jeronimo in Lake Forest. There is a Play It Again Sports on the street and bookstore is in far back corner.

jeremyzach said...

got it. thanks kurt.

i almost met up with you, the other night for a movie.