Kicking Off A New Program

In an effort to bolster some of the in-roads into our community and to leverage our new building, our junior high ministry is kicking off a monthly outreach program this fall. We've never done an ongoing program of this sort, so we're super excited.

We're calling it THE 3.
- The 3rd Friday of each month.
- 3 hours long (7 - 10)
- 3 bucks to get in.

This part isn't part of the promotion, but we are also challenging each of our 'church kids' to invite 3 friends each month.


Matthew McNutt said...

That's really, really cool. I'm totally tempted to rip you guys off (like every other youth pastor who reads your blog!). All the vital info is easy to remember, and it's very compelling for some bizarre reason.

Kate said...

Ripping off ideas off blogs is proof we read them! And that we really appreciate them! The ultimate compliment! We are ever grateful...Blog on. Thanks Kurt - good idea.