Monday Miscellaneous

- Our first "The 3", a new monthly outreach event, was big success. We had way more students than we anticipated and everybody seemed to have a great time. Here are a few details:
* The 3 happens on the 3rd Friday of each month, for 3 hours and costs $3 to get in.
* Includes dinner and a variety of activities such as skate park, earth ball games, smores in the fire pit, dancing, scavenger hunt, classic t.v. shows in the theater, volleyball, giant twister and more.
* It is meant to simply be a front door event. We didn't gather students together for a message or anything like that...just a place for students to come and have good, clean fun. The hope is that un-churched students will come to "The 3"and decide they want to come to one of our weekend services. The plan actually worked! We had about a dozen or so first time visitors this weekend at church who had attended "The 3" on Friday night!

- We had a roller coaster of a weekend. Our 4:30 Saturday night service was a disaster. Probably the worst we've ever experienced. One of the videos was edited wrong and left a sexual reference in place (nothing crazy, but not church friendly). Another video had such poor sound that it was inaudible. We didn't think through the game and as a result it took about 3 times longer to play than it should have. The songs that were picked for worship were WAY to slow for a junior high "seeker-friendly" church experience.

- BUT....we re-tooled the service and the rest of them went really, really well.

- I had to respond to two parents over the weekend who were concerned about something in our ministry. One was actually quite irate (in fact, I'll post on that tomorrow), and the other was super cool...just concerned.


Chris S. said...

None of the parent "issues" were related to Josh's "video incident," were they?

Kurt Johnston said...

HA! surprisingly, no.