Monday Miscellaneous....On A Tuesday

- We had an incredible, but really long weekend. On Friday night we hosted our first "7th Grade Retreat" for 7th grade small groups. It was short, sweet and simple. The event started at 7:00 p.m. and went until noon on Saturday.

- After the retreat, we took 150 students to High School Musical 3.

- Then, we ran four youth services that included our annual wrap up to Choctober...THE MUDSLIDE (a massive slip n slide made up mostly of soap and water with a little bit of chocolate syrup added for effect). Historically, we've done this event down the center isle of our junior high room, but this year we moved it outside and we built a ramp that ran down our amphitheater stairs which turned out to be super fun. The video was taken after church when one of our adult leaders got a massive running start and caught some serious air pretty much missing the entire ramp!

- I spent much of my day yesterday doing some very basic maintenance on our dirt bikes. Basic maintenance for most people, that is, but for me it took several hours!

- Today actually feels a bit slow which is nice. We are kicking of a new series this weekend called "The Red Stuff" that will focus on the words of Jesus (red letters in the bible...). I'm in the process of trying to categorize Jesus' teachings in some junior high friendly terms.


Anonymous said...

The school where I am chaplain at (Eastside Christian High School/Junior High in Fullerton) has adopted the same theme this year, calling it "In the Red." Would love to know how you are breaking up this theme...could you email me notes?


Chris Kamalski
Chaplain, ECS

Larry and Jennifer Darnell said...

I know I would love me some of that slide...I also would like to see what you come up with for the Red Letter Jr High series (why do I feel like I will be buying it from Simply Youth?) Oh well...its worth the cash.


Anonymous said...

Mud Slide??? What happened to Chocodile Mile?