NYWC Day One

My life-long buddy Chris and I rolled into town early this morning and have been going non-stop ever since, although at the moment I can't seem to find him. A few highlights and observations from day one:

- At lunch we ordered what, without doubt, were the tartest, tangiest, most bitter glasses of Lime aide ever put to lips. Delicious.

- During the opening session Mark Oestriecher said what he always says: "relax, eat a good meal, make new friends, skip sessions...do what you want to do to make the weekend a great one for yourself". I've heard that for years, but this year it really sounded good. I think I'm more tired than I realize and will probably sleep, read and relax at least as much as I do "conference stuff".

- In that spirit, I snuck out with some buddies to see Body of Lies. Good flick.

- I'm posting from a little internet cafe smack dab in the middle of the meeting hall and worship is in full swing. Feels a little awkward to be online while 3,000 others are engaging in worship (although there are three other people online next to me) so I think it's time to sign off.


Kevin said...

I will be at the one in Nashville....even though I live in Washington...just because the dates worked.

Can you share some of your favorite sessions?

Wes said...

dude, i'll miss seeing you with rubes at ys this year. i'm sure i'll run into you again someday.

Steve said...

body of lies was the best CIA movie since spy games, I really enjoyed it