Oh, The Good 'Ol Days...

Today in a meeting, we somehow went down a very fun rabbit trail. We started recalling all the traditions, sayings, activities, approaches to ministry etc. from the churches we grew up in and even from the youth ministries we've been a part of. Here are just a few....add your own to the list.

- Singing "In The Round"
- Extending the "Right Hand of Fellowship" to new church members.
- Overhead projectors.
- Being driven around in the back of the youth pastor's pick up truck while Christmas caroling.
- Hearing the phrase "backsliding" as part of our vernacular.
- Goldfish swallowing contests.
- Showing students "physical affection" in the form of swirlees, wedgies, noogies, charlie horses, pink bellies etc.



Jeff Cope said...

chubby bunny

Erin said...

Remember that game you and Dad did that involved a clear plastic tube, dry oatmeal, and a person on each end blowing as hard as they could? That one didn't last long... :)

Digsby said...

flannel graph

rhonda said...

Jr High Pastors showing his youth group 'blue flamers'

Rob said...

Not sure if I'm got one for this, but I wanted to thank you for the posters....I'm an absolute hero to the 4th and 5th graders I teach, many other young'uns at my church, and especially with the kids at the after-school ministry I help with!

(My own kids think they're pretty cool, too.)

Thanks again for sending them, and I look forward to seeing what you do with HSM in your project!