No Weekend....No Wrap Up.

We didn't have junior high or high school ministry programs this weekend due to our church-wide Christmas services, so I have no wrap up to report.

But, I am working on a fun little 'bit' for next weekend and thought we could all contribute and all have something fun for our next Junior High service. I want to create a silly Top 10 list.

The list needs to be completely goofy. Add as many as you want and then we can all pick and choose the ones that work for us.

A few to get us started:

- "Will It Burn?" By Hasbro
- "Official Belly-button lint from a guy who went to junior high with a girl who knows the Jonas Brothers"
- "Bag O' Cherry Flavored Glass" from Brach's Candy Company
- The 2009 Kurt Johnston swimsuit calendar (insert name of appropriately funny guy from your group).

As you can see, I need help. But maybe we can create a funny bit we can all use.


Matthew McNutt said...

All I could think of were the Clay Aiken thongs I saw at his concert the other year ...

But those (sadly) actually exist. There is more wrong with this world than we ever realized.

Dusty said...

How about:
1. A Chia "back hair man"
2. The new how to sing like Kanye West DVD.
3. The new book "How to clinch a spot in the playoffs" by Mike Shanahan and the the Broncos.
(Sorry Kurt, as someone that lives here in Denver I had to do that last one for ya...)

Pat said...

A DVD of "Marley and Me" for Michael Vick.

Ange said...

-The Hillary Clinton nutcracker.
-An Outhouse themed 2009 Calendar.
-The Potty Putter (http://www.baronbob.com/pottyputter.htm)
-Book "How to Get Away with Murder" by OJ Simpson
-Framed photo of George Bush
-2 tickets to the wig museum @ TBN

Jay K said...

Dude, this is the tightest blog.

-Jay Kelly