Random Randomness

- Every now and then I will read the Huffington Post. It's a bit too liberal for my tastes but I find it quite interesting. Recently I stumbled across this article about global warming. I believe in global warming but wonder if it hasn't been radically exaggerated for political and financial gain. I was surprised to see an opinion like this one voiced at the Huffington Post.

- I am just finishing up Malcolm Gladwell's new book, Outliers, and have found it to be my favorite Gladwell work yet. If you like sociological stuff, you will find this riveting, I think.

- I am, for some reason, struggling to write small group discussion questions on the topic of Sex and Dating. I have taught it hundreds of times, but we've never introduced it in our small group setting. I think the tension is creating something on a tough topic that our adult volunteers feel comfortable and confident leading.

- It doesn't happen often, but today I find myself feeling rather melancholy...sad almost.


Big Mike Lewis said...

Yeah, HuffPo is way too liberal. So that Global Warming(TM) article didn't last too long without getting attacked as posted on: http://planetgore.nationalreview.com/


Adam J said...

Thinking about your Dad at all? Or just got the new years blahs 7 days in.

I'm feelin' ya man.


Leigh Sarti said...

Cheer up Murray.

Scott said...

I'm guessing you're sad because you haven't seen me in quite a while.