Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was one of the best in a really long time. We formally kicked off our "experiment" around tables (we sat around tables last weekend but that was a spontaneous dry run) and, frankly, it couldn't have gone better.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance was really high, I think we are finally out of the Holiday slump that seems to hit our youth ministry each year.

FUN FACTOR: Last week's program was minimal, but this week was one of the fullest, funniest and most fun we've had in a while. We kicked off our 3-week "Friends" series. virtually every aspect of our program tied into the subject matter and sitting around tables allowed for more creative programming as well as some discussion time after the lesson.

LESSON: The lesson seemed better than usual. I kept it short and sweet to allow for about 10 minutes of table discussion that seemed to go fairly well. This week's lesson, The Power Of Friendship, focused on some of the reasons friendships are such a powerful force, for good or bad, in our lives.

MUSIC: Music was great! Entirely led by our junior highers, and we had a couple of new 'recruits' playing for the first time.

VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT: Very high. We had a fair number of our mid-week small group leaders commit to leading a table during this three week series. They did a fantastic job of leading their tables, which really does seem like the key to a table format.


I'm Nick Emery said...
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I'm Nick Emery said...

I have a question for you and I hate asking you through your blog (but I still am)...My question has to do with youth ministry positions. I am youth pastor in Northern CA and sadly at the end of this month I will be leaving my currently church because I am getting married Feb. 6 (whoot-whoot).

I've found some places online that have ministry positions posted and where I can post my resume (like Youth Specialties), but where else can I look and do you have any pastor friends in the greater Sacramento area that I could call on or churches you'd suggest to contact?

Like I said, I didn't want to bug you about this on your blog, but from the Saddleback Church website I couldn't easily find an e-mail address for you (fogive me if it was super easy to find...)

So ya, any thoughts or ideas and if you have time to respond, I'd really appreciate it Kurt. Thanks!

Kurt Johnston said...

Email me at Kurtj@saddleback.net