Caption Winner...

Top 5 captions as judged by....well as judged solely by me:

"The coach said we were going to a 'bowl game', but this wasn't what I was expecting."

Sounding much like his wife, the Defensive coordinator was heard yelling, "Who left the Toilet Seat wide open?"
-Ryan Stone

"When you're going for the hit but the toilet makes you slip, diarrhea, diarrhea."

Vigilante fan gets fed up with the "potty humor" during the half-time show.

My mom always told me toilet training wasn't easy, but this is ridiculous....
-Jordan Lyons

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Ariel said...

Am I the only one who sees the irony in someone named "puddles" talking about diarrhea?


John the Red Wonder said...

So when puddles came up with that at my house it didn't end with slip...think it was an "S" word he was thinking of though. Can't remember what it was...

Ken said...

dude, did you ever make it to the premier? I thought you said something about it once but I never heard anything else?

Nothing but the best for "America's Best Youth Pastor." ;^)