Weekend Wrap Up

A pretty good weekend, especially considering the fact that things felt a little "cut N paste" together due to so much attention on our Believe retreat.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance was a little low. Again, I think this may have been due to lots of kids who went to the retreat may have skipped church upon their return.

FUN FACTOR: Pretty high. Our lesson was around the idea of learning to grow on your own and we did a good job of tying much of our program into the theme.

LESSON: David Hughes, one of our college-aged volunteers taught the bulk of the lesson after a short video set-up by me. He did an AMAZING job; one of the best JH lessons I've heard in a really long time.

MUSIC: Music was great! Probably a little mellower than usual, but the band was tight, the kids singing blended well together.

VOLUNTEER INVOLVEMENT: Very low. Because so many leaders went to Believe, most of them didn't show back up for the weekend program which made things a bit rough around the tables.


Kyle said...

What lesson did David teach? Can you tell us in detail?

Noah said...

I'm eager to know your lineup of your services? Do you guys play games? Worship Music? Order of Service...
We want to start a youth service..

Kurt Johnston said...

David's lesson was basically a "why and How" to begin to grow on your own spiritually. Probably too much detail to list, but that was the gist of it.

Kurt Johnston said...

Noah...a "typical" weekend might include:

- Kids and leaders sitting around tables.
- Some sort of table game
- Some sort of table discussion
- three or four songs
- A game involving the entire crowd or just a couple "volunteers".
- Some sort of video element...to set up the lesson, just for fun or ???
- A 20 minute lesson

The order changes all the time.