Things That Bother Me

The truth is, I'm a pretty laid-back guy and really don't get too worked up over much. But there are a few things recently that have bothered me a little bit. For instance:

SHAVING: the whole process is such a bother which is why I choose to only shave once a week or for an important meeting. Electric razors don't work well and traditional blades are a hassle.

MY COMPUTER SCREEN: I have a brand new lap-top that seems to be pretty nice (I know nothing about computers so maybe it's really a turd), but whenever I am in battery mode, the screen flickers ever so slightly....not enough to be a major problem, just enough to bother me a bit.

850 BILLION DOLLARS: I'm no economist, and I really don't understand how we got into this mess or what the best way to get out of it is, but 850 BILLION Bucks maybe fix it? That bothers me.

FEET: Mine are gross, and I imagine most people feel the same way about theirs. The fact that I have to try to "un-gross" my feet bothers me.

MEETINGS: They usually don't accomplish much but everybody seems to think we need them which is why I have to stop this post short....I'm late for one. Meetings bother me and me being late for meetings bothers other people.


Unknown said...

lol thanks for making my day!

AMIT said...

Simply good post.

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Anonymous said...

I've actually heard some pretty negative things about your feet over the years. It's good to know you're aware of their shortcomings! ; )