Here I go!

Well, here it is...my first official 'blog' post. If you've been on the SJH message boards, you know that I typically post a couple of thoughts per month in my own little section. It really was never supposed to be a blog because, as I understand blogs, you are supposed to blog more than twice a month! But I'm comitted to giving it a more genuine effort and thus the birth of the Simply Kurt blog. Here I go!


Ryan said...


Way to go!!! Awesome to have you on the blogosphere!!!

You can check out my blog at: http://uthpastor.typepad.com

Looking forward to what you have to share.

In His Grips,
Ryan C. Nielsen

matt sasso said...

Kurt, I think this blog will be very chem uh I mean uh well you know. Really look forward to the upcoming posts.
Serving Him,
Matt Sasso

Jason Raitz said...

KJ...Welcome to the blog club. Looking forward to catching up in CO next week. Is it really next week? It is. You know what, I don't even know if your going. Well, if you are, see you then.


Pastormarkee said...

Welcome to blogging Kurt. I'm looking forward to reading and making comments.