My cute braceface daughter

It's happened...It's been painful on her mouth and on our pocket book. On Wednesday my daughter, Kayla, got braces. I must say she looks extremely cute and is suprisingly okay with the idea of having braces. The first day was rough...lots of pain and poking of her cheeks by numerous wires. Her teeth weren't terrible to start with so she'll only wear them for a year or so.

At church, we are teaching through topics that students requested in our annual survey. This weekend we're looking at peer pressure....I'm going to use Pilot as my example of a guy who knew what was right and knew what he should do, but went along with the crowd anyway. I don't feel super confident in this particular lesson, and I know it's a HUGE deal for my students so I'm hoping the Holy Spirit fills in the gaps I'll be missing.

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David said...

i can see the family resemblance!!
hope the talk went well.