It will never be the same...

I'm on my way to lunch at Chick-fil-a which happens to be my absolute favorite lunch spot, but only partly for the delicious chicken sandwich. What I love most is their sweet tea. Unfortunately, I don't love the spare tire I've developed which is forcing me to take drastic measures. Today, for the first time ever I will replace a large sweet tea with a 'skinny arnold palmer' which is 50% unsweet tea and 50% diet lemonade. Chick-fil-a will never be the same again....that is until next week when I decide spare tires are okay on 40 year olds.


justkeepplaying said...

I think I would skip the sandwich instead. Just go with the sweet tea. Oh and the fries with Polynesian sauce!!!

Maybe that will help.

And if not, just eat In and Out Burger instead of Chick Fillet. Just don't post about it because that would make those of us in MD very jeolous.

Alden Ellis said...

okay, it is official! kurt is a GODLY man! not because he is a great jr.high pastor, but because he loves sweet tea and chic-fil-a. j/k!! i missed the memo, that we were supposed to consider "it" a spare tire, i still consider "it" a blessing from God!