Gotta get in shape!

So I knew I was out of shape...thus the motive behind my sweet tea fast...but I didn't know it was this bad. This morning I got up early to surf which I haven't done in a while. To get to our spot requires a 15 minute walk in a wetsuit while carrying a 9 foot longboard. By the time I walked to the surf, tip-toed across the rocks and paddled into the line up, I needed to rest for about 15 minutes before I had enough strength to paddle for a wave! Totally humiliating. The long walk back to the truck reminded me again of my need to get in shape. Of course I forgot all about that need 20 minutes later as I ate a massive plate of eggs, sausage and biscuits covered in country gravy. Somebody please pass the Lipitor.

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Pastormarkee said...

Kurt know that I'm yet another jr hi guy trying to loss some of this extra fat.