Off to Colorado

I'm heading out to Colorado tomorrow for a junior high summit. Each year, about 25 career-minded junior high Pastors get together to hang out, laugh and strategize about young teen ministry. Normally, the summit is held in San Diego but this year it's at a private ranch in Colorado. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to connect with old friends and to learn. The discussion is always really rich and stimulating, so I will try to blog a few times while I'm gone.


justkeepplaying said...

How does one get involved in something like this. I would love to be a part of something smaller than a huge conferance. The smallest gathering of junior high leaders I have been a part of was at Willow Creek a few years back. It was great but they never repeated. (I sat next to you at this conferance by the way. I remember that because you helped me get over a bump in a decision to move to a bigger church which I haven't ever formally gotten the chance to thank you for. So thanks.) Anyways, if anything like this is going on again in the near future or next year and their is an open spot, please let me know.


Alden Ellis said...

Sweet! Sounds awesome!