If You Care...

Every month or so, I create a short video podcast that is geared to encourage jr. high workers as well as provide a tiny bit of training. Feel free to pass it on to your volunteers or to other guys and gals in junior high ministry settings. It's nothing formal, just me being me and trying to share some encouragement.


joshuamichael said...

I care. I think it is really cool that you can subscribe to the podcast via Itunes. Thanks kurt.

Joshua Griffin said...

I care, too! Check out the new Episode 17 as of today! Yeah! JG

matt sasso said...

Hey Kurt,
I really like the new format. Having your training videos in an itunes/podcast format is a big help. Just wanted to say thanks
C ya

matt sasso said...

Hey Kurt,
I was watching the lastest episode and had a question. The High School guy and I have been wanting to do a version of Wildside on Location for a long time.
After watching the episode I have made it a personal goal for next year when school starts. My question is how many staff do you take and what is a succesfull outing?
If you could respond that would be awesome.