My mind is spinning! I just wrapped up day four of my grad class on 'Marketing the Christian Organization'. Its really just Marketing 101 in a Christian context. If you have any level of business training, it would all be super elementary. However, for guys like me who have spent our entire careers in a ministry context it's been packed with new vocabulary, new ideas and new principles. Not sure what I'll do with what I've learned, but I do know how to create a sweet marketing strategy for my next bake sale (get it...'sweet strategy' because it's a bake sale....)!

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Jeff Moulton said...

So, if you never hear the name Phil Kotler again, it will be too soon? Who knew there was enough stuff to start a journal called "The Journal of Ministry, Marketing, and Management"?

Of course, it was started primarily to be a thorn in the side of everyone who says "church shouldn't be a business".