Room For Improvement

This morning while I was driving, I spent some time thinking through various aspects of our ministry and came up with four areas that we aren't being as effective as we could be. In no particular order, these are what I came up with:

- Ministry to Parents. We do okay with this, but it's mainly by default and not as a result of good strategy.

- Follow up with Weekend Guests. We've tried lots of stuff and have, actually, been fairly creative in some of our approaches to making guests feel welcomed and valued. This falls into the 'room for improvement' category not because we haven't worked hard at it, but because we just haven't landed on something that feels right and works well.

- Campus Presence. Matt Hall, one of the ministers on our team, just came up with a great new idea called 'Wildside on Location'. We go to a different campus every Friday after school in our jr. high Suburban and hand out cokes, say hi to students etc. While this has been great, it's opened my eyes to the fact that we really could, and should, be doing more.

- Volunteer Community. In the past, this has actually been one of our strengths. However, in the past couple of years our volunteer team has doubled in size and we just haven't been able to hold onto the sense of family and community that we had as a team when we were smaller in size.


Bethany said...

Kurt, what do you do for follow-up on weekend guests? And why do you think it needs improvement?

kurt johnston said...

We have a table called 'connection central' that's set up with tons of information about our ministry etc. There are also a couple of student leaders there to answer questions. It's not just for visitors, but for anyone who feels a little unconnected. We also do a 'backstage pass' once a month where everybody who has visited in the past month is allowed to go backstage for food, drinks etc.

Also, we send out the traditional letter thanking them for visiting.

It's not a bad plan, but it's high manintenance. I think the biggest hole is trying to track how many of our visitors actually come back a second time.

Bethany said...

I responded to this the other day, but apparently it didn't work. So here's something like what I said:

Something I've always wanted to do but just never gotten done is to assign visitors to my student leaders. For a month (or less)the student leader would be responsible for calling/visiting that person(s) in an effort to get them to come back and get involved. That would give the students ownership, and it would help keep track of who comes back and who doesn't.

When I was at a smaller church, we used to have the visitors write their fave food on the info card. Later in the week one adult and one student would take that food to the visitor's house and just hang-out. It worked really well.