The Power Of A Caring Adult

I was in a short, spontaneous meeting yesterday with a guy from our church who is getting married on Saturday and then, immediately following his honeymoon, heading off to a church in Iowa to become its Youth Pastor. Our initial discussion was on the usual topics: When to implement change, how to develop a team, how to build excitement, when to split junior and senior high etc. All of which are important things to think about when going to a new church. However, we found ourselves camped out on one topic in particular; the power of caring adults. At the end of our time, my friend summed it up perfectly. His statement is one that will stick with me for a long time and one I wanted to pass along:
"I guess you can never out-program a caring adult".
Videos, drama, good music, fun games, funny messages, lights, camera and action are all okay. But none of that stuff means as much to a student as the simplicity of a caring adult. I told him I would steal his quote. He said that was okay. You can too.


Dennis said...

Very nice quote. That will get used in the future.

markeades said...

Big Kodus to your friend for a great statement and coming to the great state of IOWA!!