Me, A Soccer Fan?

Not even close. However I do have two life experiences that keep me from hating the sport entirely.

1) I was in Brazil in 2002 when they won the world cup. I was at a Youth Ministry conference and we actually had to postpone the conference and show the finals on the big screens in the church or the organizers of the event said nobody would show up. It was out of control! A thousand crazed youth workers painted green and yellow, conga lines, people setting off M-80's in the sanctuary. It was a moment I'll never forget.

2) My brother-in-law is from England and is a huge soccer (football) fan. He's even taken the time to try to fill me in on some of the finer points of the game.

Because of these two factors, I was surprisingly glued to the television today and terribly disappointed to see both England AND Brazil lose! I guess watching a few hours of soccer every four years isn't too bad.


Ro-Honda said...

Shows both growth and maturity. The Ridgers house is proud.

James said...

Both results yesterday were an absolute tragedy for The Beautiful Game.

Neverminc. English Premiership kicks off again in just 6 short weeks.

Joshua Griffin said...

Go Germany!