Family Time

We are back in Palm Springs for our annual 4th of July vacation. Each year, we hook up with some old friends from Arizona and spend 4 days together. This year we invited several other families to join us. All total there are 8 families adding up to 30 people. We golfed 36 holes this morning and now I'm off with Cole to scout out the 3 skateboard parks in the Palm Springs area....why am I skateboarding when it's 106 degrees outside?

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Jason Raitz said...

Call me crazy, but that temp sounds nice. I know I am just a Detroit guy and my temps never get that high, but from over here, it just sounds nice. I was at a camp a couple of weeks ago and spent a little time on the skateboard, thought of you. My other thought was, man, this was a lot easier about 50 punds ago.