Funny Only To Me

You may remember that I posted a few days ago about the fact that Stephen, one of our interns, ran the church suburban into a big planter in the front of a hotel we were staying at. At that time, I posted a picture of him standing beside said planter.

Fast forward a few days. My family is back at the same hotel and I'm driving around the side past some dumpsters. Suddenly, we see it....the planter. It's far too heavy to have been placed in the dumpsters so it's been tossed on the ground to the side of them. I couldn't resist the urge to take another picture.


johnny scott said...

You have to love interns! ha!

muzik316 said...

I would have taken it a step further and packed the sucker up. Next time there is a staff meeting they might find it in the corner or in their drivers seat. =)