I Didn't Think It Could Happen

My wife is in Tennessee, my daughter was at Disneyland, so I took my son out on a little 'dude date'. He wanted to go see the movie Zoom. I'm a movie buff and I hadn't heard of this one, which is always a bad sign. The easiest way to describe it would be a cheap, low budget rip-off of Sky High, Disney's somewhat decent superhero movie starring Kurt Russell. Zoom stars Tim Allen and Courteney Cox as a former super hero and scientist who are given the assignment to find and recruit a new batch of young heros.

It is, without question, the worst kids movie I've ever seen. TERRIBLE!
To make things worse, my son wanted to eat dinner at the movies. My choices: Nachos or a a hot dog. I choose the hot dog. Bad choice.

I didn't think it could happen, but my movie/hot dog combo was so bad it really did seem to ruin my date with Cole.

Of course he loved the movie and ordered the Nachos so it was a great night for him!


Eric Putman said...

I went and saw it the other day. What a great movie!

Matt McGill said...

how can you not like a hotdog?

Keith Demko said...

How Tim Allen get to keep making movies? I know the answer is they keep making money, but when they're as bad as this, isn't there anything we can do stop him?