Mr. Mom

Rachel has been in Tennessee since Saturday morning, so I've been playing the role of Mr. Mom all weekend which has been pretty dang easy for a few reasons:

- Our friends have been planning all sorts of fun stuff for our kids to do while I'm at church and in the office, so they are probably having the best 3-4 days of summer yet!

- My kids are older now and totally independent so 'Mr. Mom' really isn't all that taxing.

- Today my daughter is off to Disneyland with some friends and Cole and I are going to a birthday party then going to drive some go-carts.

- The three of us will hang out together tonight, get the house back in order and then mom comes home at noon tomorrow.


Alan Mercer said...

better be careful talking about how "easy" it is to play mr. mom. our wives don't like us minimizing thier role and they are a bit sensitive to it (as they should be).

James said...

Ummm...don't the ladies get home on Wednesday, not Tuesday? Or do I have my days mixed up again?