Kill Some Time

I've only tried this game a couple of times. They say it's tough to get to 20. I've only reached 11.


James said...

Addictive. I scored 11, 14, and finally 19 on my third attempt. Then I had to exercise some self-discipline and close the window so I wouldn't sit here all morning playing it.

Ryan said...


Ah, you got me hooked. But, I only did it four times and then stopped. But on the fourth try I was able to score 87!!!! Yes, 87!!! I could not believe it. So, I took a screen shot to prove it. You can see the screen shot at: http://www.uthpastor.com Now my challenge to you is to beat 87. :)

joshua michael said...

Wha!! 87! Ryan that amazing!

Ryan said...


Thanks. I took another study break and tried it for another 6 times and broke my old high score. My new high score is now 117 !!!!! I will post the picture on my blog soon. This game is addicting... lots of fun. Thanks Kurt!!!!