Open Mouth....Insert Foot

Yesterday, I was reading Marko's post about being recognized in an out of state Starbuck's and how weird it feels when that happens. As I read it I thought "ooh, that is kinda freaky, I'm glad that's never happened to me..." Because I've been hanging around the youth ministry world for 20 years, I tend to be a somewhat familiar face at youth ministry happenings, but nobody has ever 'recognized' me outside those settings. The closest thing would be a couple of years ago when my wife and I were walking around Target. A junior high boy came up to me and said, "Hey, you're the host of Wildside!" He didn't know me by name and didn't know that I'm a Pastor...he just knew me as the "Host". Very funny.

Anyway, today as I was ordering my iced tea at Starbuck's (unsweetened), the barista looked at me and said "I know you, you wrote a book my youth pastor made me read before I could start working with junior high students". It was busy, people were waiting and I shot out a quick, totally stupid reply. "I'm glad you liked it." She NEVER said she liked it! She just said she was forced to read it. I'm an idiot.


Randy said...

Too funny. I do have to say I have read a couple books about student ministry, and I your book is easily the best in my opinion.

scarter said...


hope this weekend went well. i'm sure it will. appreciate the podcasts and just got preston jones book which ruined my saturday (couldn't put it down) and also 2gether 4ever (the jh love letter book) which was awesome.

thanks for the recommendations.

steve carter

kurt johnston said...

Yeah, Preston Jones' book is really good!

marko said...

dude, that totally made me laugh out loud! i could totally imagine saying something like that, then thinking what a complete idiot i was (not that YOU were an idiot, of course).