Crazy Weekend

This week's weekend wrap up looks a little different because it's been a different kind of weekend. Speaking in the adult services combined with sending off 8 buss loads of students to camp has made for quite a weekend so far. It's 3:40 right now and I still have the final two of six services to come. I told a couple people today that I couldn't wait to get to camp tomorrow to relax, which strikes me as super funny considering there's nothing relaxing about camp. However, compared to what I've put myself through this weekend camp sounds like a week in the bahamas right now!

I won't bore you with details of the weekend, but I do want to share one funny story:
As part of my introduction, I asked everybody in the auditorium to make me feel at home by sticking their pen through one of the holes in their outlines and twirling it around. It was really fun and I was shocked at the level of participation. Anyway, in between services this morning I was informed that our health ministry actually had to administer First Aid to a woman who got pocked in the eye by a message outline that had flown off someone's pen! I totally feel for her, but that is stinkin' hilarious. Just another reason they don't let us youth people speak in big church very often.


James said...

I know I said it last night, but I'll say it again - you tore it up, dude. Excellent message, great delivery, inspired illustration with the Dirty Little Secret thing...kudos bro.

Leigh Sarti said...

Hey Kurt,
Jana says you di great... I knew you would!
Have a "relaxing" week putting out fires at camp...

mike morabito said...

Hey Kurt, I heard you speak today at church and I throughly enjoyed spinning the paper on my pen all way down at the overdrive service. Great Job, who'd a thought that would be so entertaining.

And oh yeah, thanks for speaking too, haha. You were funny, and I was glad to hear about how you really feel at home ministering to Junior High students. That is inspiring.

from a friendly cracked pot,
-mike morabito

Joshua Griffin said...

It was great, man ... !! How about the paper airplane during the last service, too? JG

Corutney Gause said...

Kurt....you did a GREAT job. I was entertained by your pronunciation of fragile...unfortunately no one else around me found it as amusing. A also enjoyed the one brave guy in the crowd that threw a paper airplane up at you. You kept my attention...and that's impressive since I have the attention span of a puppy. Can't wait to here it again!

greg vujnov said...

Kurt, Linda and I could not make your weekend speaking in "big church" heard you did great! Wish I could have seen the twirling message notes. Eye injury, very funny!

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